Scoring & Rules

Scoring & Rules

Pirate Adventure Golf

Play the initial shot of each hole, from the circled area.

Complete the course in as few puts as possible.

The maximum number of shots per hole is 8. If you have not holed the ball by this time, simply pick your ball up and move on to the next hole.

The maximum number of players to begin a hole together is 4. If there is more than 4 in your group, then please split into smaller groups.

If a ball enters either of the stoned areas it is declared ‘out of bounds‘. Just pick your ball up, return to the starting circle and go again. A 1 shot penalty is incurred.

If your ball finishes in either the water (blue turf) or the sand (white turf) play on as you where, with no shot penalty.

Use the equipment provided and please return the putters back to the golf shop.

Finally, please respect our neighbours, fellow players and the course by using the bins provided and by avoiding foul language.

Enjoy your game of Pirate Adventure Golf!

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1 James Drinkall
2 Ben Rozenbroek
3 Steve Robins
4 Andy Allcock
5 Rich Cooke

Captain’s Hook

(Hole One)

A strong break to the right means sticking to the left is a must.. but be warned, go too far left and you’ll find a barrel blocking your path!

Treacherous Waters

(Hole Two)

Be accurate to avoid splashing around in the water. You’ll have to go under the shark our resident pirates captured earlier!

Slave’s Dog Leg

(Hole Three)

It’s a huge dog leg right on 3.

The hole isn’t even in sight!

Buried Treasure

(Hole Four)

It’s up and down on the 4th due to the hidden gold. Choose your line carefully!

Cristobal’s Crook

(Hole Five)

It’s a balancing act on 5. Not enough power and you’re all at sea. Too much, and face a one shot penalty!

One Eyed Prisoner

(Hole Six)

The trick on 6 is to go under the cannon. Fail to do so though and you could end up right back at square 1!

Pirate’s Den

(Hole Seven)

The 7th may look simple, but the pin is ever so slightly out of reach.. Should you risk it and come off the back wall to get the hole in one?

Treasured Cove

(Hole Eight)

Hole 8 can be tricky.. You need to avoid the sand but go close to it for a chance of
a hole in one!?

Barrel Run

(Hole Nine)

The simplest hole.. But get it wrong and you’re in big trouble! Be sure to use enough power to see the ball disappear, a weak effort will see your ball roll right back at yer!